Wax Stick Jewelry

We are on an adventure this summer! We’ve travelled to Cyprus to visit our family for an extended stay. We usually only get to go for two weeks each summer but we have more flexibility this year with everyone working and schooling remotely because of Covid-19. So we packed our bags and headed to the island of blue skies and clear water for a summer full of smiles.

For our plane ride over Zoe and Lydia’s good friend Vivian gave us wax sticks to keep busy. We didn’t end up using them on the plane but did put them to good use while in our 14-day Covid-19 quarantine (two negative tests but we quarantined just to be safe…). It was our first time using wax sticks and we are hooked!

The beauty of wax sticks is how simple it is to get going… you just open the package and start playing. And it’s mess free — easy to clean up and easy to store. We didn’t start with a plan, we just opened the packages and off they went!

What you need

What we did

We started with free play. Given it was Lydia and Zoe’s first time playing with wax sticks they wanted to to see how it “worked” bending, shaping and sticking the wax sticks together with no plan. Just play.

Once they got the hang of it they decided to make jewelry. Lydia twisted several green sticks together then attached them to pink and purple sticks to make a bracelet.

Zoe got super creative, curling and looping sticks together to make a sculpture. She then attached them to a blue wax stick to make a fancy necklace.

What we thought

Wow, who would have guessed wax sticks could be so fun? The girls were able to make jewelry on their own with no help. Normally there is some level of threading, or tying, or cutting help needed but this they were able to do all on their own. They loved it and I loved it. And clean up was a snap. We just straightened the sticks out and put them into a zip lock bag for another day. I HIGHLY recommend this project to kids of all ages. Especially if you are tired mama (or papa) in need a simple project to keep the kiddos busy.

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