Cheetah Craft

Speedy cheetahs are a favorite with Lydia and Zoe! Today they picked a cheetah craft printable (print, color and fold) by Sue over at First Palleten from our #arttogethergallery Pinterest board.

Fun cheetah craft work in progress photo
Cheetah work in progress

What you need

  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Markers or crayons

What to do

Start by printing out the cheetah template printable from First Pallette.

Coloring the cheetah template
Printed template

Color the cheetah in. We used markers (and a highlighter!). Yellow for the body and then pink and purple spots on top.

Cheetah template colored in
Colored in

Cut the cheetah out.

Cutting the cheetah
Cutting the cheetah out

Fold the cheetah up. Complete folding instructions are on the printable and can be found on Sue’s original blog post.

Folding the cheetah
Folding the cheetah

And tadah — you are done!

Complete cheetah craft
Purple and Pink cheetahs

What we thought

This was a super simple cheetah craft project and Lydia & Zoe loved it! It inspired lots of super speedy free play. A big thumbs up!

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