Open to Interpretation

Open to Interpretation invited viewers to experience art that goes beyond traditional objects, encouraging them to consider how the work made them feel and how that compared to what the artist was attempting to communicate through the use of “flip the flap” interactive wall labels. Each piece was accompanied by a three word artist statement that visitors could reveal by lifting the flap of the corresponding wall label after viewing the piece. This simple interactive element encouraged close looking and exploration.

Opening reception
Opening reception
Behind the scenes, post drop off, pre-layout


Mosesian Center for the Arts, November 9, 2017 – January 12, 2018


Kimberly Thompson Panay (planning and curation)

Guest Juror

Melissa Brooks – Best in Show award only

Exhibiting Artists

Myra Abelson, CK Aderem, Nedret Andre, Paul Angiolillo, Alik Arzoumanian, Julie Balzer, Nathan Bentley, Anne Black, Lisa Bramhill, Joshua Brennan, Emily Brodrick, John Bryer, Helen Canetta, Peter Cohen, Cindy Cuba Clements, Evan Daigle, Sara Dickman, Leo P. Donahue, Katherine Downey Miller, Lynda Goldberg, Betsy Gould, Nicole Gsell, Gail Hansen, Aja Johnson, Zeina Skaff Kahhale, Marjorie Kaye, Audra Keefe, Amanda Lachapelle, Maria Lindberg, Karen McCarthy, John Norton, Maxine Peck, Ron Roberge, Etta Rosen, Karen Rothman, Rebecca Skinner, Anna Starkova, Kyle Stockford, Ellen Stutman, James C Varnum, Charyl Weissbach, Brian Whalen, Patricia White, Carol Wintle


Serve Kindness


Matt Jatkola