Grow Gallery

There is tremendous growth in the Watertown Arsenal corridor. With growth comes construction. The Grow Gallery installation was created as a way to engage with the community during construction at Athenahealth. This outdoor installation was located in Watertown, Massachusetts at the intersection of Arsenal Street and School Street, on the Arsenal on the Charles Campus. The Grow Gallery installation was comprised of paintings by artists Diego Velez and Jana Charl, which were enlarged, reproduced and installed along fences on the campus. Each piece was five feet high and extended 36 feet.

Diego describes his painting as a kingdom of endless wonder. “El Rey, or the King, is seen in all of his splendor surrounded by his subordinates and characters that demonstrate conformism to ancestors and royals.”

While Jana explains that “Sunset is my stylized female form with an inset to serve as a signature and bars of color to act as placeholders inviting viewer’s to use their own words to narrate the story.” She created texture by mixing and applying pigments on the canvas in addition to disrupting the surface by cutting, weaving, and sewing strips of painted canvas into it.


Athenahealth, Arsenal on the Charles Campus, July 10 – October 31, 2017


Kimberly Thompson Panay (planning and curation)

Exhibiting Artists

Jana Charl, Diego Velez




Matt Jatkola