Help #findahomefor animals in need

I’m dedicating the month of March to helping #findahomefor animals in need of adoption!

I’m often approached to help out animal rescues & shelters by donating artwork for raffles, giveaways, galas, art shows, etc. Which got me to thinking… I wonder if there is a way I can have a more immediate impact. Really help some of these pups and kitties (and more) to find a new home!

As you may know if you’ve been reading my (new!) blog, I’ve been keeping a daily-ish sketchbook for 2015 (I’ve only missed a couple days so far!).  January was a kind of a loose playful month where I got used to the idea of doing a quick collage sketch each day. For February I created a special theme (more on that here). For March I am going to dedicate the month of collages to help #findahomefor animals in need of adoption.

Here’s how it will work… I’ll make a “pet portrait” collage sketch each day for an animal in need of adoption and then share it across my social media with the hashtag #findahomefor in hopes of helping find them a new family! The collage will go home with the little guy (or gal) when they are adopted by a new family as a thank you gift. Here’s an example collage of Bear who was just adopted by a lovely couple in Massachusetts with the help of For the Dogs Sake in Manchester New Hampshire in conjunction with ADAR Rescue in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

bear_collage_03032015_miximals bear_03032015

So, how can you help?

If you work for or volunteer at a shelter and want to get involved you can fill out the form to the right. I’m going to create collages first come first served. You can submit as many animals as you like per shelter though please note that I will try to spread the love to as many shelters as possible. So I’ll start by doing one collage per shelter. If I run out of shelters I will do a second or third (or…) pet portrait for shelters that have more than one animal on the list.

If you love animals and want to help some of these loveable pups and kitties in need you can share this post one of the #findahomefor pet portraits posts of an animal in need of adoption on my facebook, twitter or instagram.

Hopefully, together we can #helpfindahomefor animals in need all month long!



PS: Know a shelter I should reach out to? Leave me a quick note in the comments below!

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